7Teen Report: Teens & Technology

Reported By: Lauren Brink, 7Teen Reporter

Cameron Shull is one of those teens who says he can't live without technology.

He says, "I use technology everyday, for the majority of the day...especially with computers and cell phones. Even when you drive your car, that's technology right there. When you fill up at the gas station that's technology. It allows you to get around and perform daily activities."

His daily use of technology is not only for entertainment, but he also uses it to expand his knowledge.

Shull says, "When research projects come around, you wouldn't be able to get on the Internet and find something at the last second. You also wouldn't be able to connect with other people."

Not all teens, however, spend their time inside playing video games and watching movies. Some teens enjoy the great outdoors.

Sulphur senior Garrett Head says, "I'm a pretty active person. I don't really use technology that much, except for when I listen to music.  As far as video games and stuff, it's not a big deal."

He spends his time doing other things.

He says, "I go to the gym a lot and play soccer all of the time. Most of the time, if i wake up, I'm going outside."

And while outside, Garrett doesn't exercise his fingers punching control buttons...he works on other things like his soccer skills.