Dog Attacks: What Can Pet Owners Do About Them?

Reported by Amanda Ward:

KPLC has new information on a Beauregard parish woman apparently killed by her two pit bull pets. 24 year old Kelli Chapman's body has been released from the Calcasieu Parish Coroner's Office.

Dr. Ted Hoerner from DeRidder has sent the dogs stomach contents and jaw molds for analysis and results are pending.

Meanwhile, funeral arrangements for Kelli Chapman have been made.

Visitation will be held Wednesday from 1 to 9 p-m.

Services begin at 10 a.m. at Hixon funeral home Chapel in Leesville.

Burial is to follow at Evans Cemetary.

This fatal attack has sparked concern for families with large dogs.

KPLC spent the day with a behavioral specialist training some big dogs and has advice for pet owners.

Sally Stride with Proper Pooches Dog Training: "Investigate the breed well. Find the best breed for you. If you know you're a couch potato. Don't get an active dog."

But no matter the breed, the dogs need exercise.

Stride "Exercise is number one. I'm talkin on a leash. Not just free roaming....Also, with large dogs, it's very important to have rules in your house."

Make sure the dog knows you are the boss.

Stride: "Humans on top, children.. If you have 'em, Then, the dogs or animals."

In Kelli Chapman's case, the dogs were treated as members of the family. Stride says that can be okay as long as you don't ignore the warning signs.

Stride: "If your dog does growl at you when you walk by, or freeze which is a very scary thing to see a dog do."

And Stride says to watch for the Whale Eye.

Stride: "When he's kinda lookin' at you sideways. I would start backin up."

Regardless, Stride says it's not just pit bulls you should take caution with, it's any large animals.

Stride: "I've been called in for umteen aggressive cases, and not one pit bull. I've never been called in for a pit bull.

Last, how you train your dog could make them even more aggressive.

Stride suggests reward-based methods rather than harsh discipline.