Woman killed by pet pit bulls

Reported by: Amanda Ward

Sunday, January 20, Jason Chapman returned home from work just before 7:00 to find his wife dead on their bedroom floor.  He immediately called for an ambulance reporting Kelli Chapman, 24, had been attacked by his two pet pit bulls.

Deputies arrived to find the 4 year old male dog, and 1 year old female pit bull locked in the bathroom. Deputies say Kelli suffered numerous bite wounds.

Kelli Chapman's body was taken to the Calcasieu Parish Coroner's Office in Lake Charles for an autopsy. The coroner's initial report is that she died from bite trauma and blood loss.

Deputies shot the dogs. Their bodies were taken to Ted Hoerner's Veterinary Hospital in DeRidder Monday morning for a necropsy. Hoerner will examine the stomach contents and jaws to find a match to her bite wounds.

Authorities say this will likely fuel the controversy surrounding pit bulls for pets.

Family and friends of the Chapman's say the dogs were like family.

"The couple had the dogs since they were pups. They raised them. The dogs slept with them. They were part of their family," said Roy Chapman, Jr.