2008 Family Health Check

Reported By: Katie Lopez

For people who attended the 2008 Christus St. Patrick Family Health Check, they received an array of information.  Veronica Malbred says, "I got a lot of good information. I still have a few more booths to go to."

Not only is Veronica taking steps to a healthier life, she's also easing her family's worries.  "My cholesterol glucose is being checked so I can follow up any of my results with my doctor."

If Veronica does end up having high cholesterol, there is someone to help.  Director of Cardiology at Christus St. Patrick, Ann Simmons says, "We have qualified counselors here who are talking with the people who have cholesterol greater than 200. We give them some direction on what to do to get their cholesterol numbers down."

Two ways to significantly improve your cholesterol are: changing your eating habits and exercising more often.

Cholesterol is not the only health concern people have these days. With this sudden burst of cold air, fighting the common cold is now a problem.

Dr. Keith DeSonier says getting a cold is the body's natural response to temperature change.  "You are going inside to a warm climate and then you go outside into the cold, it changes the way your nose responds."

Dr. DeSonier says a simple way to cure those sniffles is, "Just use a salt water spray and you buy that at the drug store. It flushes the nose out."

While high cholesterol and curing the common cold plays a significant role in the health, so does the need for blood.  Donor Resource Coordinator, Dana Dupin says, "Right now we are critical for type O and type B...All O's and B's are at a two day supply. And this morning our O negative and B negative are at a one day."

Blood donor, Jeff Schweitzer, says if you can give blood - then do it.  "I always give blood. It's a good thing to do because you never know when you'll need blood...you'll never know when anyone else might need blood," says Schweitzer.