Addicted To Purple

Reported by: Amanda Ward

Southwest Louisiana is addicted to purple. And, it isn't Mardi Gras or the LSU Tigers.

It's Promethazine containing codeine, also known to young users as "sippin sizzurp," "purple drank," and "lean." It has the same effects as alcohol or another depressant. People take it to get into a sedated state.

Detective Joshua Crochet with the Jennings Police Department says people have figured out how to call in their own prescriptions.

"They're finding ways to illegally obtain prescription meds and take them or sell them." he says.

Frank Pryce owns Pryce Pharmacy in Lake Charles. He quit carrying controlled substances altogether in his pharmacy. He says he couldn't bare knowing the meds were getting into the wrong hands.

Employees at a pharmacy in Jennings noticed that people were coming in and getting information and calling in their own prescriptions. This week after suspicious activity, they alerted authorities.

Wilbert J. Guidry, 23, and 25 year old Amy Sanders were arrested and charged with 6 counts of prescription forgery and 1 count of posession of narcotics with intent to distribute.

Suspects are finding ways to make more than $100 profit off 8 ounce prescription bottles. A prescription may cost around $20. On the street, suspects are selling it for up to $50 a bottle.

Det. Crochet warns residents, "Authorities are going to continue to investigate illegal use of prescription drugs."