Jindal's Ethics Report Due this Week

Reported by: Associated Press

A 71-page report on Louisiana's ethics laws that's due to be released this week is "very beefy and very detailed." That's according to Sean Reilly, who headed Governor Bobby Jindal's transition advisory council on the subject.

Jindal is expected to use the report as the blueprint for the February 10th special session of the Legislature.

Ethics reform has been a major component of Jindal's campaign.

During his inaugural speech, Jindal told the audience that they can build a "Louisiana where our leaders and our people set the highest standards and hold every member of our government accountable."

He didn't, however, provide details of what types of proposals he will ask lawmakers to enact.

Reilly says the basic thrust of the ethics report conforms to the changes that Jindal called for in his platform.

He says one surprise in the report will be detailed recommendations dealing with the state judiciary -- a subject Jindal didn't broach as a candidate.

Jindal also plans a second special session to cut business taxes. Then, he said he will ask lawmakers to rework the state's work force training programs.