Calcasieu Police Jurors take oath

Today begins a new four year term for Calcasieu Police Jurors who were sworn in first thing this morning by Judge Kent Savoie.  Said the jurors, repeating after the judge, "I do solemnly swear, that I will support the laws and constitution of the United States...So help me God."

There's always an air of excitement as a new term starts for  jurors-- this time a third of the jury is new.  After taking the oath the first order of business-- to elect new officers. Tony Stelly from Iowa will be the new president; Kevin Guidry vice president.

It's the first time a juror from Iowa has been elected police jury president, which suggests to some less devisiveness and greater unity than years ago. Says Stelly: "It's certainly an honor to be the first president from the Iowa area. It certainly states that the entire jury here is for the entire parish of Calcasieu and they are concerned about the entire parish just as I am."

Police jury vice president Kevin Guidry says, "We're just looking forward to having a great year, with a lot of young people that are coming on for this year. But it's just an opportunity for is to better the quality of life for people here in Calcasieu Parish."

The police jury has five new members who say they're anxious to get to work on a variety of needs in Calcasieu Parish. Police Jurors Les Farnum expects drainage and sewerage to be important issues.  "A massive drainage effort for our entire parish. We have a wastewater problem what to do with wastewater over the next four years."

Police Juror Claude Syas has ideas about economic development.  "I'd like to see a clean, a real clean district, a clean city. That's one of my pet peeves. I think that helps economic development.

And even the smallest of constituents seemed to be watching with anticipation to see what they'll do.  Turns out one toddler who seemed so mesmerized with the ceremony was actually watching Daddy.  She's the daughter of new police juror Shannon Spell from Moss Bluff.

The jury's next regular meeting is at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, January 24 at the Calcasieu Government Building.