Boustany weighs in on global warming

Global warming has become a political hot potato, yet if what some scientists say is true...our survival may depend on reducing greenhouse gases that cause the problem. Louisiana's 7th District Congressman says a multi-faceted approach is needed to try to move toward solutions.

Much uncertainty remains about global warming and climate change and how it will affect life on our planet in the future. But variations in weather around the world have caused many people to strive to do their part to reduce greenhouse gases. U.S. Representative Charles Boustany was asked his position while in the district this week. "You can choose to play politics with this or you can try to find a way to be sensible and get consensus on how we move forward."

Boustany supports reducing air pollution. The retired heart surgeon, says cleaner air is better for people's health. "I'm opposed to a carbon tax because I think it's arbitrary and I think it will hurt the economy. And it's not the right approach. I believe you've got to have a market type of approach and it will do a much more effective job in taking care of the emissions which we know are bad for the health."

And though Boustany supports alternative fuels,  he recognizes that petroleum based fuels will be in use for a long time. So, he wants them as clean as possible. "We need to look at ways to make it as environmentally friendly as possible, things like carbon capture, carbon sequestration technology which, I think Louisiana could play a major role in this,  after I've had some briefings by geologists and others who are experts in that kind of technology."

He says the U.S. alone can't solve the global problem. Boustany told local Republicans this week that says China now emits more into the air than the U.S. With India, Brazil and other rapidly developing countries close behind. "For the us to unilaterally say, 'We're going to sign this thing, without those other countries being a part of it won't solve the problem. "

The federal EPA says the U.S. is committed to reducing greenhouse gases by slowing the growth of emissions and eventually reversing that growth.

For more on global warming  click here;  Boustany's web site further explains his positions on U.S. energy policy.