Education Quality: Louisiana ranks 21st in national education quality survey

Reported by: Associated Press

Louisiana ranked 21st overall in a national education quality survey, but with poor individual grades for student achievement and chances for success.

The review by Education Week magazine gives Louisiana an overall "C" grade for its performance in six categories -- achievement in grades kindergarten through 12, standards and accountability, teaching, school finance, chances for success and alignment.

In individual categories, Louisiana got an "A" for its accountability program, which was ranked second in the country, but the state got a "D-" in student achievement, ranking 47th in the nation.

Governor Kathleen Blanco says the information helps guide the state's continued progress in education and target areas for improvement.

State Superintendent of Education Paul Pastorek says he's proud of the state's reform efforts. But in a statement, he also said, the report confirms that the state's steady and positive improvement in academic achievement is not enough.

Pastorek says the state needs to do more to support struggling schools, and he notes that the education department is targeting technical support and staff to the lowest-performing schools in the state.