Blowing Off the BCS

January 7, 2008

Reported By: Natalie Grise

Whether it was the thrill of Matt Flynn's last second touchdown pass to  to win the Auburn game, or the excitement of Jonathan Zenon's game-sealing interception against Tennessee in the SEC Championship game, for LSU fans, nothing compared to the drama of the Tigers' season.

Except for maybe the drama of the Great Debaters.

At a time when most people across Louisiana are getting ready to watch the big game on a big screen, Jarrell Thibideaux is getting ready to see Denzel Washington on the silver screen.

"I'm just going to catch a movie, figure I'd catch the game on Sportscenter, I can just catch the highlights later tonight," says Jarrell Thibideaux.

A similar game plan brought Lonnie and Rachel Berry to the United Artists theater off Highway 14.

"I sais lets go watch the movie while everybody's out at the bars and stuff, nobody is going to be at the movies," says Rachel.

"We've got, two, three, maybe fifteen cars in the parking lot here, and a hundred at every bar in town," Lonnie says.

But while they're watching National Treasure, will these self-proclaimed Tigers' fans wonder about the score?

"Yes, definitely," says Rachel.

"We're going to be there one hundred percent for them.  We might root for them, we might be on the cell phone getting on the internet to see how they're doing," says Lonnie.

Because these theatergoers still hope there's a Hollywood ending for the Tigers.

"Hopefully we'll miss them winning. That's what we want, everybody wants them to win," says Dawn Stephens.