Jindal misses one-third of congressional votes in Washington

Reported by Associated Press

Governor-elect Bobby Jindal remains the Republican congressman from Louisiana's 1st Congressional District until he is sworn in as governor next week.  But he's been noticeably absent in Washington.

Jindal had the fourth-highest number of missed votes last year in the 435-member House.  He was surpassed only by two deceased lawmakers and one who decided not to run again.

According to a tally by The Washington Post, Jindal skipped 33.4 percent of the votes, or 395 out of 1,183.  Jindal rarely came to Capitol Hill last year after the governor's race kicked into high gear.

The next-highest rate of missed votes in the Louisiana delegation came from Representative William Jefferson, who was absent for 103 roll calls or 8.7 percent.  Jefferson has missed some votes as he defends himself from public corruption charges.  Senator Mary Landrieu missed 1.1 percent of 442 Senate votes.

Senator David Vitter was absent for 5 percent, many of them in July when he was coping with the fallout of the D.C. Madam scandal.