Local LSU Fans Produce Songs

Reported By: Katie Lopez

When it comes to LSU hype, you have probably seen and heard it all.

From the outrageous prices of the BCS tickets to the purple and gold flying off the shelves.

And even the LSU fight song. But there is something you might not have heard.

LSU Alumni Sean Ardoin and Clarence Ceasars tribute to the Fighting Tigers.

Clarence Ceasar says, "It's a wonderful song coming from two guys who went to LSU and lived that Tiger life. People that go there know what we're talking about."

And even though Clarence and Sean are both die hard LSU fans, "Tigers are number one, SCC is the hottness, and everybody else whatever," Sean says.

"Tigers are number 1," Clarence says.

A vision has to start somewhere.

"Jeremy Stine from Stine Lumber called me up and said you need to do this think you can't see me...do it in French and I was like 'we don't have time'...he said it's the Internet we have time. Clarence Ceasar said use the two fingers in the air song and do it like that 'two fingers in the air.'," Sean says.

And once the ball got rolling, Sean says, recording the songs only took about eight hours.

"Because I have my own studio we were able to just do it. So we did it Christmas Eve."

So, for two friends who always believed in the Tigers... "I told them number one and number two are going to lose and we're going...three days later we're there," Sean says.

"I knew they were going all year long," Clarence says.

They can now share their love for LSU with the world.

These songs are child friendly, so if you are looking to download any of them you can go to myspace.com/seanardoin and download them for .99 cents each.