Louisiana gets $5.7 billion for reconstruction work

Reported by Associated Press

FEMA has awarded 9 billion dollars-plus in infrastructure funds to state and local governments along the hurricane-damaged Gulf Coast, including more than 5.7 billion in Louisiana.

The FEMA Public Assistance funds are being used for a variety of repair and reconstruction projects such as damaged schools, roads, utilities and reconstituting other critical infrastructure.

FEMA has funded more than 72,000 projects in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Alabama over the past 27 months to help the rebuilding from hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

FEMA says nearly 4 billion of the more than 9 billion dollars in infrastructure grants has been provided since the first anniversary of Katrina, including 1.6 billion dollars obligated in 2007.

Through the Public Assistance Grant Program, FEMA reimburses state and local governments and certain eligible private nonprofit organizations for the actual costs for work required because of a disaster.

Eligible projects include damaged roads and bridges, water control facilities, public buildings and their contents, publicly owned utilities, and parks and recreation areas.