Stray Bullet Hits Home

Reported by: Katie Lopez

Around 6:00 Saturday evening, Phyllis Rodriguez got up from her chair and went to warm up soup in the microwave.  As she was doing so, she heard a loud crash.

"At first I thought it was the microwave, then I thought it was pictures falling - but nothing was down or broken. I checked every window and doors...nothing was broken," says Rodriguez.

When Rodriguez walked into the sun room, where she was sitting only moments before, she saw glass everywhere.  "I walked into some glass and there was glass all over the floor and my small dining room table was cracked, broken in half. I didn't understand why the table was broken."  It was at that moment that Rodriguez noticed a hole in her ceiling.

"There was a bullet hole. I said Oh my God that's a bullet hole. I just got so scared that I called 911," says Rodriguez.

A bullet had actually come through her roof, broken the glass table next to her chair, and then fell behind a potted plant.  While the thought of possibly being in that chair at the moment the bullet hit scares Rodriguez, there is one thing that scares her more.

"That's where my grand kids usually play. And I usually take care of my grand kids on the weekends," says Rodriguez.

Rhonda Kleckley, Rodriguez's daughter, said she is relieved no one was hurt.  "My daughter could have been sitting mom. I mean any of older children...this is the room everyone hangs out in. It's very scary and I just thank God nothing did happen."

The bullet has not only created a mess, but has made a woman scared of a home that she has lived in for 40 years.  Rodriguez says, "I'm afraid to go back in there. I'm probably not safe here."

So for people thinking about shooting a gun this New Year's, remember that the bullet has to land somewhere.