Woman's Whereabouts Still a Mystery

Reported By: Lee Peck

Pamela Boutte Watson has been missing since Wednesday morning around 9 a-m, when she left her mother's home on 3rd Street. The youngest of ten children, Pamela's disappearance has her family worried.

"She pretty much was acting normal. She just walked out of the house. If my parents would have thought anything was going on they would have taken the keys from her, they would have blocked her car in or did something. But nobody had any inclination that she would just leave," said Pamela's brother Marcus Boutte.

According to the family 44 year-old Watson suffers from a mental disorder and needs her medication.

"She has a bi-polar disorder she left without any medication, money or identification. So basically she's a Jane Doe out on the streets somewhere," said Marcus.

With no money the family doesn't believe their youngest sister could have gotten far. They believe Pamela may have tried to go to Houston, where she and her husband lived for 21 years before recently moving to Alexandria. While her whereabouts remain a mystery, her family is certain she's confused without her medication.

"Without her medication she could be very disgruntled, she could be child-like, she could be aggressive," said Marcus.

As they plead with the public for help they also send a message to Pamela in hopes she may be watching.

"Call home baby... Momma's worried to death about you. Call, we'll come and get you... Just let us know something," said Marcus.

Pamela Boutte Watson was last seen driving away from her mother's home in a 1992 hunter green Ford Ranger extended cab with Texas plates.

Her family has filed a missing person's report in Rapides Parish. Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office at 318-473-6700 or you can contact Pamela's family at 842-7859.