Baton Rouge chamber says LSU tuition too low

Reported by Associated Press

A report by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber says LSU must substantially increase its tuition and receive more state and private funding support in order to become a "premier research university."

The report proposes increasing LSU's in-state tuition and fees from close to $4,600 a year now to about $7,600 by 2015, a 65 percent increase.  In addition to more state and endowment dollars, the report says that would mean 156 million dollars in new annual funds for LSU by 2015.

Steven Grissom, the chamber's executive vice president, says the end goal is for LSU to be ranked in the top 50 universities nationally by 2025.

LSU currently ranks in the 130-135 range -- outside of the top tier -- among top schools in the U.S. News & World Report's ranking of best colleges.

The report states that 176 million dollars in one-time state funds is needed to fight backlogged campus repairs.  Another 250 million dollars is needed to build 600,000 additional square feet in laboratory space to enhance research and commercialization.