Class Act Winner - Michael Romine

December 19, 2007
Reported by Pam Dixon

"We have fun learning with him and he's funny. He likes to joke around with us," says 16 year old Halie Blanchard. Halie nominated her algebra teacher for the Class Act Award, and when he won we asked Halie to do the honors and present the Class Act bell.

Michael Romine has been teaching math for 12 years-- the last two at Hathaway High School. Romine says, "I like to see them when they really make it, then it finally clicks for them and they say, 'Hey, this could be for me.'" He also teaches math at Delta Tech in Lake Charles and online for Jeff Davis Parish students. Romine says, "Kids don't understand how I can function the way I do. I get maybe five hours a night of sleep. The rest of the time I'm teaching."

Romine isn't just into math. He's also into technology and uses a lot of it in his classes. Romine says, "The boards I use, I'm able to to use with the kids. I'm also working with different programs that allow them to write like I do and they can record themselves and they can see where they mess us. They can help teach each other. I'm working on writing grants for stuff like that."

Even though math seems serious, Romine has a good sense of humor. Romine says, "I've been collecting the math comics for years. I like to cut up with the rest of them, make it enjoyable." And in his class, math plus humor equals fun.

Email Pam if you would like to nominate someone for the KPLC Class Act Award.