Problem identified in LSU text alert

Reported by Associated Press

LSU officials blamed a confusing computer registration process for the failure of an emergency text messaging system to notify many students, faculty and staff about a double murder on the campus last week.

Administrators also conceded that they did not test the new system.

The problem did not become apparent until officials used the system for the first time, attempting to notify the campus community about the fatal shootings of doctoral students Chandrasekhar Reddy Komma and Kiran Kumar Allam.

LSU Chief Information Officer Brian Voss says the registration problem between LSU and clearTXT, the North Carolina company that provides the emergency alert technology, has been resolved.  A full-scale test of the system is scheduled January 18th.

Komma and Allam were killed late Thursday night by intruders in Allam's apartment in the Edward Gay complex, next to the marching band's practice field in the northwest section of campus.