Tricia Edwards' Diary

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Sorry I haven't blogging for a while.  I am doing good and still stay on track and I haven't been going to the gym this week due my all three kids are sick with  FLU.  Stuck at home with them and I have no one can watch them so I can go to the gym to do workout.  But I did keep up with excrise at home on my treadmill, jump rope, with excrise ball and  medicate ball to keep myself on track.   I am so glad I have treadmill at home and it help a lot to keep myself excrise.  I don't have problem with eating. I have been eating right.  I haven't eat a candy Reese  for long time and not plan to eat one when the biggest loser is over. I am going to wait until Easter day!   I don't have much crave for chocolate.

I can feel my body changes.... feel my hips bone now.  I can't wait to buy new pant for March 3rd to see what size I will be in 14, 15 or still in 16.  I have to wear belt  when I wear my regular size 16 blue jean.  My wasit is getting smaller but not my hips.  I notices I have curve body now.  LOL   I feel good about myself and I am doing this for my health.

I am sure Lee is going to win again for the final give way.  :o)  She look good also Heather!  Keep  it up!  I am not going to stop after March 3rd. I am going to stay track as long as I can.  It's not hard doing it, just change lifestyle. That's simple.





How's everyone doing?  Me? I feel great and plenty of engery!  

  This morning I was supposed to go to gym to do Group Kick at 8:15 but I don't feel like to drive so I decided to try out new DVD I bought ( The Biggest Loser workout Cardio Max).  I did this am.  Wow, it was tough workout. I was soaked with sweat.  It's 50 minutes workout.  So I did the workout today and will jog on treadmill this afternoon for 1 mile and maybe go for 2 mile.   I have been jogging on treadmill  in the evenings.   I haven't missed a day without doing workout even on Fat Tuesday!  I went to DD and did the workout for about 2 hours.

I have been doing well on my own workout without trainer Tressie.  She comes and check on me while I doing the workout sometimes.   Tomorrow, I will do the Total Body Workout at dd ( weight lift and cardio).  I did the plank and I got better on that. I can stay on for 30 second (3 times)!! 




Today  we went in for weigh in day.  I was nervous about weight.   I was surprised that I lost 2 lbs!   Now 193.2 lbs!   I thought I gained 1 or 0 lost!   Wow!   I was surprised!  I am so happy! !  I have few lbs to go under 189!!!!  I can do it.  I hope  I will be under 189 lbs before February 11th for next weigh in!  Last week,  I did workout hard daily at DD and here at home in the evening.  I did signed up for Group Kick last wednesday!  I went and done that. I love it.  I am looking foward to do it on this wednesday!  I should sign up for other group active like Power and Active as Robert suggest me to try it out.    Last friday was the last day workout with a trainer. Tressie  was a great trainer!  Glad she was my trainer!   I loved her. We went thru workout with laughing, and  talking  each other with sign language.  She's getting better on that.   Keep learning  signing , Tressie!   

Before SWLA Biggest Loser and during now, the total  weight I have lost is 20 lbs!  That's great!  Look foward to lose some more!  :o) 

The workout- stair mill!  I still hate it but I am getting used to it.  I started to use it sometime  for 10  minutes also the stairmaster!  I did on last friday and saturday!  My legs was sore after that.  That's good.

My  eating habit is improving. Only challanger is that when we  family go out to eat.  They  eat anything they want but for me, I have to watch what I can eat or not to eat that... I am trying to avoid (fried foods).  I love fried food.   I write it  ( food journal)down what I eat during day.   I bought few Extra brand gums.  When I crave something sweet like Reese or any chocolate,   I take a gum and chew it.  It's very low calories than the chocolate candy like Reese, 100 Grand etc.   It helps me than eat chocolate candy with lot of calories!  





First of all, I want to tell congratulation  to  Heather, Kellie and Lee for weigh loss!  Keep it up!  :o)

Tonight, I was so excited!  Why? Because I was workout  here at home while watching the Biggest Loser Couple on TV.  I did worked for  2 hours.  I was surprised that I did jogged for  1 mile for first time. I did it in around 20 minutes.  I DID IT!  The last time I jogged for a mile was 2 1/2 years ago!   I was so happy.  I had to yell my daughter to bring me towel while I was jogging. I was sweating good!  I needed that!  I am going to do it again tomorrow night.  Hope one day, I will jog for 2 miles. 

I have been doing workout everyday at DD and here at home on treadmill and Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD.  I enjoy doing workout.  I have so much energy and motivates.  I feel great and been cooking healthy foods everyday and less going out to eat.  I love cooking!  I am trying to make my 3 children eat more vegetables!  

So far I have lost total 18 lbs before and during biggest loser.  I have about 55 lbs to go.  I think I am going to lose other pant size  again. My new blue jean is getting loose bit. I had to wear belt for now and on. 

Tomorrow, I will start doing kicking and boxing ( group) at DD.  Wish me luck. 

This week is the last week that I will workout with my trainer Tressie. I am going to miss her.  She's great trainer.  Glad she will be around and visit with her while workout at DD. 



Hi!  Sorry for not blog often as I should. 

Last monday, I did lost  1 pound!  I am glad I lost  1 instead gain 1 or zero lost.  I gotta to work more hard and eat healthy this week.  Congratulation to Lee!!!!  

I am doing great.  This morning, I had workout with Trainer Tressie.  She put me on Stair Mill and I thought I was going to pass out but I made to the end!  Whew!  I admited that I hate that machine!!! But it's great workout.  I did the weight lift for whole body.  I enjoyed doing it.  I noticed that I don't have "flap" under my arms and built muscle" tone" on my arms.  I remembered I used to see flap under my arms a while back ago before start excrise.  I was like WOW.... excited! 

I have been doing workout twice a day in the morning and evening(at home). Also doing jumping rope everyday twice a day also doing Billy Blank Tae Bo and Amps DVD here at home.  I enjoy doing them.

About eating, My eating is getting better. I learned from Suzy- Nutritionist about eating.  I bought lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.  Fresh baby spinach with tomato  salad is my favorite. I eat them every lunch and supper with dressing ( seperate) from the salad.   Dip fork in the dressing and dip in salad!  I haven't eat candy Reese for almost two weeks!   I just forget about it and when I see reese at store, I just look and ignore it. I don't have any tempt or want to buy one.


I can't believe Heather lost 16 lbs!  How she does that????  It amazing me!   Congratulation to Heather!!!!

I lost 6 lbs. I thought I have lost more. I did workout everyday.  I need to work hard.   That's great.  Better than  0 lbs lost.  Before the comptition started. My weight was 213.  From there to now, I have lost 15 lbs.   I thought I have lost more.  I did workout everyday...

This morning after the weigh in, I hurried to get home to see my family before they leave.  When I pulled in. My three kids was waiting and excited to see.  They was telling me they saw me on TV.  Soon the bus, they got on bus and left.  I went home and eat breakfast then zoom to DD.  I did 30 min on elliptical then 45 min on treadmill.  Tomorrow I will have workout with personal trainer.  Maybe I should give a try for cycling and other. 

Weigh in UPDATE (1/7/08):

198.2 lbs. - 6lbs. to-date loss-2.93%


 Yesterday was Rest Day for me.  It's ok to take a day off and let body recovery.

 Today My daughter and I went gym (DD) and done with great workout. It was great to spend with my girl and do workout together. She enjoyed it.

 I went thru the whole workout with trainer Tressie for an hour and 15 minutes. It was great workout.  For the steps machine, it was hard, I fought to stay on until end. My legs hurts ( burn). I did steps (21 floors). Whew!   I don't know if I want do that again?!? Ha ha.

For the scale, it's hard not to sneak on the scale and check the weight.  I told my daugther to take it and hid somewhere without my sight.  I did weigh check up with Trainer Tressie once a week. 

My eating is good and been watching what I eat.  I eat small meal during day and stop eat by 7 to 8 pm every night. I have been drinking lots of water.  I drink water before eat.  It makes me feel full fast. 



Last Friday, I went to DD and do workout with Trainer Tressie for an hour.  I got better on elliptical!  Stayed on 20 min and did some upper body workout. Later, I got very SORE all over my body.  My upper body ( arms, shoulders was the worse sore!  But it got better the next day after I did workout on my treadmill  here at home.  Yesterday and Today, I didn't go gym but did workout on my treadmill and do some handweight in the garage.  My boy got sick and I couldn't go to the gym. That's why.  Glad I have my treadmill and some workout in garage.  I admit, I feel guilty not going to the gym today or yesterday. Tomorrow, I am going to the gym!  I love going to the gym now!  The workout is fun thing to do!

Also I am exciting!!!  Because  I dropped a pant size!!!!!  I saved my old blue jeans in my closet and know I might need them later.  Yesterday I tried to put it on and it fit!!!!  No more 18 w for me!  I am in 16w now.  Look foward to drop other size!  I  need to work hard.


I have been working out everyday at the gym ( DD) in the mornings and walk/run on my treadmill at home in the evenings.  I enjoy every min at the gym and learned lot about those excrise machines.  I love elliptical!  At first, it was difficult for few days but now I stay on elliptical and do workout for between 20 to 30 minutes!   The lunges are hard  but I keep pushing myself going, not give up.  After workout, I feel great and start look foward for next day workout! 


Hi...  Yesterday the first day of workout was  hard on me but I didn't give up!  I went thru the workout without giving up!  I enjoyed the workout!   Also I did an extra workout by walking on my treadmill  all evening here at home for an hour ( 3 1/2 miles). 

Today, The 2nd day of workout..  I went throught the whole workout.  I was in very SORE but  I kept telling myself dont give up and I can do it.  Tressie is a great trainer!  We get along well and communicate well by writing on paper.    I did warm up, 15 min on bike, 5 min on stairmaster and went outside and walked around 1 mile.  



My workout for today was great. Done with  rowing, crunches, hand weights, on bike, treadmill.  I am still struggle with Elliptical which I only stayed on it for 2 minutes.  My legs are very SORE and I can't do it longer!  It was pain but getting better.  I am not going to give up and going to use elliptical everyday until I get used to it then I can stay on longer than 5 minutes. 

Tricia Edwards:  204.2 lbs

Shoulder:    52 inches

Chest:    43 1/2 inches

Waist:    41 inches

Hips:    52 1/2 inches