Garfield Lady

Reported By: Evan Johnson

A Sulphur woman loves cats so much she collects them.  It's a hobby she says helps her to relax.  She doesn't collect any kind of cats, they have to be of one particular breed.

Sandra Edwards unveils her most prized possession...her collection of Garfield items. You name it, she has it: hats, toothbrushes, macaroni, and even a potty.

Sandra says, "I started out with a few little figurines because they're easy to collect and you can put a lot of them in a small space. A few stuffed animals and some bookmarks. After college it kind of expanded to anything and everything related to the Garfield collection."

So what causes this woman to go nuts for Garfield?

She says, "I think he's really a fun character. I've always been a big fan on comics and cartoons, even before there was a cartoon network. He enjoys life and he's just a neat cat."

People Magazine agrees. In 1982, they put this neat cat on the cover of their magazine. Matt Damon eat your heart out.