KPLC Senior Reports: 14 year anniversary

It's fourteen years today since KPLC started airing weekly senior reports. Today is also a milestone birthday for Harriet Green who, along with Flora Roberts, has been a senior reporter all these years.

Harriet is 70 years old today.  She says, "I don't feel like I'm a bit older than sixteen until I look in the mirror."

Since the senior reports started both Harriet and Flora agree they've met more older people doing great things than they can count.  Says Harriet, "I've met people doing so many wonderful things, and funny things and daring things, like the lady who went up in the hot air balloon. I enjoyed talking to her."

And while many featured in our stories have passed, Harriet and Flora look back with smiles remembering words of wisdom and the various eccentric characters encountered over the years.  We look at a 1996 story dealing with seniors and crime.  Harriet reports, "Heaven help the criminal who picks 83 year old Mae Thorn as a victim. Mae explains: "I've got a sawed off shotgun. And I guarantee you that'll hit him if he comes in that door."

Harriet was 56 years old when we started and now she's 70. It's hard to fathom how quickly by the years have sped. Harriet laughs, "I was only 56 which I thought was pretty young. Now I feel like I'm finally old enough to be a senior reporter."

The reports were started to highlight interesting seniors and things of interest to seniors. And part of the idea was to help shape more positive attitudes about aging and older people. "I think a lot of the people in our local community have a better appreciation, a better understanding of the value of older people," says Harriet.

While some people dread growing older, the right attitude can help make it the best of times. Just ask Harriet. "Older people are doing exciting, interesting things that they finally have the time to do. I feel lucky to be 70. You no longer have the considerations of 'What is my husband going to think,' or 'What is my wife going to think,' or 'What will my children think,' or 'What is society....' You just do it because you don't have those restrictions any more."  Harriet adds this caveat:  "There's no fool like an old fool."

Happy birthday Harriet and many more!

editors note: Over the past fourteen years we've lost several men who were senior reporters including Freddie Hermann and more recently David Soileau, who passed away. We have some great memories of their time with us as well.