7Teen Report: Teen Driving

Reported By: Dietrich Jessen, 7Teen Reporter

Driving is a responsibility as well as a privilege.  There are many teens that have the desperate urge to drive, but they must realize that with this privilege comes a huge responsibility.

St. Louis senior Jonathan Primeaux admits to being one of many teens who use their cell phone while driving. Corporal Franklin Fondel with the Lake Charles Police Department says this is not good practice for young drivers.   He says, "teenagers should always be attentive to what they're doing while driving. At no time should teenagers have loud music."

But Jonathan Primeaux says music is something that he cannot live without.  He says, "music is something that will always be on in my car."

Freshman Mary Johnston has a different view about music while driving.  She says, "I think the road would be a bigger issue than the music, but I definitely do like music a lot and there will be a lot of music in my car. It will definitely be a safety issue before entertainment."

Judicial Administrator Tim Leger says it could cost not turning those radios down. He says, "the fine for loud music that's set forth by the code of ordinances, written by the city council is: first offense is a $150.00 fine and the second offense can range from $200 to $500. The court cost is also added to those amounts which is $163.50."

So teens although it may seem cool to have loud music playing or to talk on the cell phone while driving,  it could add up and cost you and your parents a lot.