Georges spent lots on losing campaign

Newly released candidate finance reports show New Orleans businessman John Georges spent the equivalent of $64.17 for each vote he received, about four times what winner Bobby Jindal's campaign paid per vote.

Georges finished third in the October 20th gubernatorial primary with about 14 percent of the vote.  As a nonparty candidate, Georges loaned his campaign a net of 11.4 million dollars and raised $581,480 in contributions.  He spent nearly 12 million dollars seeking the state's highest office.

Jindal spent nearly as much on the campaign, but at a ratio of $15.94 for each of his votes.

Jindal, a Republican who will take office January 14th, won 54 percent of the vote.  He collected 13.6 million dollars in contributions from January 2006 to the end of October 2007, including nearly 1.8 million raised in the final month.  A large share of Jindal's money came in the form of $625,000 of in-kind contributions through the Republican Party of Louisiana.

The four top contenders in the race spent 32.1 million dollars.