Working On The Railroad

Reported By: Evan Johnson

Making model trains is a hobby that's stood the test of time, but it's not just for kids anymore...grown-ups are getting in on the fun as well.  One Lake Charles man is using November, National Model Railroad Month, to showcase his talents.

Phillip Leger is a member of the Lake Area Model Railroaders and has been working on model railroads for about 30 years.  He says, "a model railroad is kind of a release for people that work. It's a stress relief for me."

It's also a stress reliever for other members of the organization.  The group spend countless hours putting many things together.  Leger says they a lot of time at home putting models together. He says, "you end up spending between 300 and 500 hours building one kit."

But Phillip doesn't mind.  He says the reaction he gets is priceless.

If you are interested in joining the Lake Area Model Railroaders, you call contact Phillip Leger at 337-494-1946 for more information.  Membership dues are $15 a month.