World's Largest Brick Visits Lake Charles

Reported by Jordan Sandler

It holds the title of the biggest and heaviest in the Guinness Book of World Records.  This afternoon, it paid a visit to Lake Charles and made a big impact.

For two hours this afternoon, Lake Charles put on a few pounds, and everyone wanted a peek.

It's Baby Clay, the world's largest brick, and it's making stops at Acme Brick's 67 locations around the country.

"It symbolizes 116 years in business, that's why the length is 116 inches," says Acme Lake Charles branch manager Chuck Charlet

Baby Clay weighs 6,400 pounds, making the regular 4-pound Acme brick look like a feather in comparison.  Baby Clay is 36 inches thick and 36 inches high.  If you broke her down, she'd provide you with enough bricks to build one fourth of your house.

But some are finding it's just more fun to make yourself at home in Baby Clay, as four-year-old Zachary Phillips did, crawling inside one of Baby Clay's four massive holes.

"He really loves to construct things," says Zachary's father Raymond.  "So we thought we'd come take a peek at the big giant brick."

"That's a big giant lego," proclaims Zachary.

A big giant lego, that's building some fun memories everywhere she goes.

Because of it's massive size, Baby Clay took an entire year to complete.  The first four attempts at making her were unsuccessful.

Acme will continue touring Baby Clay through Texas tomorrow.