Crawfish lovers may feel the pinch

Reported by Associated Press

Crawfish farmers say they're feeling the effects of the high cost of fuel prices, which may mean fewer crawfish next season at a higher price.

More than 300 farmers and other showed up yesterday for the third annual Louisiana Crawfish Farmers Expo held at the Rayne Civic Center.

David Savoy, president of the Louisiana Crawfish Farmers Association, said this year could be a tough year for crawfish farmers, and it could carry over to the consumer.

Savoy says a dry winter is expected with little rain to naturally irrigate the fields, so artificial irrigation will be necessary, which means farmers will be using more fuel to pump the water into the fields.

Savoy says some crawfish farmers may be forced to cut back on their operations.

If farmers cut back on their operations, Savoy said the number of crawfish being processed could drop, which, in turn, could mean a decrease in the amount of crawfish being sold to consumers and also drive up the price.