Car Smashes into Home on Louisiana Avenue

Reported by: Lee Peck

New from overnight, Lake Charles police are investigating what made a driver run a stop sign and crash into a house.

Witnesses say the driver of this car never stopped where Fifth Street meets Louisiana Avenue; instead he came barreling through the front of Greg and Pat LeBlanc's home.

Neighbor Debra Guillory says it happened just before 10 p.m..

Guillory says, "[We were] Just having a conversation with friends who were visiting and we heard this loud crash all of a sudden, and I jumped up and said somebody has hit something. And we ran to the front door and there was this car in my neighbor's living room."

Guillory says she went to check on her neighbors who were home at the time.

"They were fine. A little shook up. She said Greg jumped up immediately. She said they were in their family room. And said there's a car in your music room. And they called 911."

Guillory says Pam is an accomplished musician, who practices music every night, and she was in her music room just moments before the crash.

"She said she had probably got up from there 20 to 30 minutes earlier from practicing."

As for the car's driver, Guillory says, "He started banging on the window. I imagine he was just scared. To be in there and couldn't open the doors couldn't get out."

Police say the driver of the car was taken to Memorial Hospital to be treated for unknown injuries. It's not clear whether alcohol was a factor. Standard toxicology tests are pending.