Man dies after being tasered

November 2, 2007

Reported by KPLC Staff

Seldon J. Deshotels Jr. died after being tasered last night.  According to the Calcasieu Sheriff's Department a resident who lived on Nelson Rd. spotted Deshotels inside their garage around 9:30 pm.

When deputies from both the CPSO and the Lake Charles Police Department arrived they found the homeowner further down the road at Nelson Point apartments. He was standing over the suspect in an effort to subdue him.

According to deputies, the suspect broke away from the homeowner and ran when he saw the officers. After a short chase Deshotels was caught and began to physically fight with officers.

When he would not calm down a LCPD officer tasered Deshotels so they could handcuff him.  After he was brought to his feet, Deshotels collapsed. CPR was given until he began to breathe and regained his pulse.

Deshotels stopped breathing again after the ambulances arrived and was pronounced dead at the hospital.