Stine hits the ground running for governor-elect

Sulphur businessman Dennis Stine has hit the ground running, as chair of Bobby Jindal's government and fiscal reform transition advisory council. Stine has already begun his work as interim commissioner of administration for the governor-elect.

Stine is one of the most respected business people in the state--and one whose name is often associated with good government and efforts to improve the state--such as Blueprint Louisiana.

Stine served in the legislature and as commissioner of administration under Buddy Roemer; and has distinguished himself in numerous positions of public service. Stine is optimistic about what Jindal's leadership will mean for Louisiana. "Jindal's a very bright individual but I think what sets him apart from other bright people is the fact that he listens, he understands and he's very action oriented. And in our state, I think people are looking for action and I think what you will see is a man of action."

Stine's work as interim commissioner of administration for Jindal will include development of the governor's budget, which is already getting started. Says Stine, "The agencies across the state are submitting their budgets today, November 1st. So, between now and inauguration day a lot of work's going to be done and we want to shape it and mold it in the way the governor-elect would like to see it done."

And he'll help Jindal find a commissioner of administration. "The individual we're looking for is someone who has a knowledge of accounting which is in essence the knowledge of understanding government and business. You've got to understand accounting; someone who understands large organizations. You've got to understand the running of large organizations. And finally, someone who's a people person because they've got to take that budget and prepare that budget and pass it before a 144 member board of directors which is what we call our legislature. And you've got to be a people person to do that."

Stine predicts Jindal will succeed with ethics reform. "I think the legislature is more inclined to support ethics reform. Plus governor elect Jindal is really pushing hard for this. He said this is what we'll start with and this is only a beginning."

His advice to the governor-elect: Work to get along with the legislature, continue listening and gathering input from the people and set time frames for accomplishing goals. Stine hopes to have fulfilled his duties by inauguration day in January.