Digital Mammograms Now Available at West Calcasieu-Cameron Hospital

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Just in time, West Calcasieu-Cameron Hospital is unveiling it's latest tool in combating the fight against the disease.  They now are using digital mammography to detect breast cancer.

Sharon Grigsby started getting mammograms last year. "I was very nervous. I did have a lump that we could feel, so I was a bit apprehensive," she says.  But today, this mother of two is getting a mammogram at West Calcasieu-Cameron Hospital with their latest tool in detecting breast cancer, digital mammography.

"The old one was more painful. This one was a little uncomfortable, but not like before. It was quicker," Sharon says.

Mammographer Carol Edwards says digital mammograpy still compresses the breast like old mammography, but the images it provides are clearer, larger and much improved overall.   She says, "The images are beautiful with the machine.  Much more contrast."

With digital results, you can see smaller nodules or calcification in the breast better than the old film mammograpy.  That means there's less room for human error. Plus, it's less time consuming. "Whenever we were done, I didn't have to wait for them to take the film.  Having to wait and twiddle my thumbs." The short time made Sharon's wait less agonizing.

Sharon doesn't have breast cancer and just wants to remind other 40 plus women to do the same; Get their annual mammograms.  "This last one was by far the best."

For more information on the digital breast mammography, call West Calcasieu-Cameron Hospital at 527-4256.