SWLA's Biggest Loser

SWLA's Biggest Loser

Just like the hit NBC show "The BIGGEST LOSER", we want to give you the chance to be The Biggest Loser in SWLA!

Four (4) contestants will be chosen to participate in this intensive 11-week fitness and diet competition to get in the best shape of their lives.  Each will have their own personal trainer to instruct them on their daily diet and exercise program.

Registration has ended for KPLC's Biggest Loser. we have received hundreds of applicants and are currently going through them.

Please check back on December 3rd when Dynamic Dimensions will have narrowed it down to 10 contestants and you, our viewers can go vote for your favorite 4 to go through the 11 week training.

Voting will start December 3rd and end December 16th.