After the Honeymoon

Are you wondering what Kari and Cody are up to now after all the excitement of being married on live TV? We asked them to let us know how their lives are going and here's their response.

Kari: "We are living in a rent house in Lake Charles right now. We are trying to be smart and wait until the interest rate goes down to buy a house! We had such an amazing time on the honeymoon. It was truly PARADISE over there!"

When asked if people still recognized them as local celebrities, Kari says, "Yes... We are still celebs around town. It is so funny how many people really were involved in the whole experience. I had a lady, yesterday at work freak out and tell me that she couldn't wait to get back to her job and tell everyone that I worked on her She said that she feels so important now because she met"

Kari: "You guys have truly been such a blessing in our lives and we really can't even thank everyone enough. We have truly been blessed and this has truly been a fairy tale. You guys have really made an impact on our lives and helped us start our journey in life so special!"