7Teen Report: Lake Charles Curfew

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Reported By:  Karley Picou, McDonald's 7Teen Reporter

Over the past few months Lake Charles Police Officers have been out enforcing the city's curfew law.

Washington-Marion Magnet High School's senior Fantacee' Brown says, "I think that curfew was a great idea. It teaches teens discipline. It also lessens the possibility of our teens being in the juvenile detention center."

But not all teens agree with the curfew.

St. Louis senior Erin Moore says, "I feel that if the kids parents know that they are out and they're not causing any trouble then it's up to their parents, whether or not they have to be at home."

Sergeant Mark Kraus with the Lake Charles Police Department says they are only trying to help parents out by enforcing the curfew.

He says, "We, as policemen, most of us are parents to begin with. The law enforcement supports parential decisionS based upon enforecement of the law...enforcement of making sure their children are home."

Time is the center of debate for teens. Some say the curfew should be later, while others say it should be earlier.

Senior Chris Ross of St. Louis High School says, "Make it later because 11 o'clock is kind of early."

While Washington-Marion senior Jerome Weston believes, "Weekdays should be a little earlier. Instead of 11 o'clock, make it 10:30. On weekends, maybe make it a little later on the grounds that people stay up on Fridays regardless and Saturdays nobody's doing anything."

But Fantacee' Brown believes that the curfew is fine just the way it is.

She says, "We're teenagers and I believe that 11 o'clock on a school night is fine.  I know that most teens are saying that dances don't let out until 11:30 and we have to get back home. But we have to think about this... what can a teenager possibly be doing at 11 o'clock at night."