Power Crews at Work

September 13, 2007

Reported By: Natalie Grise

When a tree falls in the woods, usually nobody hears it. But plenty of people fell about the trees that fell near DeQuincy, leaving them without power.

"This was not a massive storm, obviously, just a category one, but even those wind speeds will take down trees and you'll have tree related issues in remote line sections like this," says Marty Smith of Cleco. About 2,500 Cleco customers were without power early Thursday, mostly in DeQuincy.

So for the Cleco crews working to repair the down power lines, where the road ends, the work begins.

"A lot of it is remote, a lot of it has to be patrolled by four-wheeler or on foot. We'll know there is an outage, but its difficult at times for the guys just to patrol that entire line to find out where the break down is so we can get in and repair it," Smith says.

250 Cleco employees worked on the outages, some from other parts of the state. By Thursday afternoon, the number of customers without power in the DeQuincy area was down to 300, and the company expects the problem to be taken care of later that night.