Is there a hospice benefit for Veterans?

Hospice care is not consistently available to veterans facing end-of-life illnesses in our nation's VA facilities.

VA hospitals and long-term care facilities providing care to veterans do a great job of taking care of our veterans.  Unlike hospice care, however, they focus on curative care or chronic illness issues of the veteran.

Every veteran of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, from the very first one to those serving today, have one thing in common:  They all took a solemn oath to defend this nation with their very life if necessary.  That single act alone earned them the right to face the end of life pain-free and with dignity.

These two issues - being pain-free and dying with dignity - are the hallmark of hospice care.  At Odyssey, we have treasured the memories of each veteran that we have met from all branches of the Armed Services.  Know that all veterans deserve to have the very best in end-of-life care.  It has been through these relationships that we have become aware of some of the issues or barriers to hospice care for our veterans.

Our veterans have made the ultimate sacrifice in serving our nation in both wartime and peace.  It is now time, as our veterans are living out their lives with memories of their military service that we at Odyssey HealthCare ensure them the most comfortable and compassionate care.

Many veterans do not even realize they have a choice in what type of care they are entitled to at the end of life.  Odyssey HealthCare has cared for veterans who were unaware that they could access their Medicare benefit for hospice, feeling that once they had been to a VA facility they could not use community, non-VA programs.

As Odyssey HealthCare educates our health care providers and community members we will given the opportunity to provide the care each veteran needs.  Odyssey HealthCare offers the veteran excellent end of life care.  An appreciation and understanding of specific needs of veterans and participation in State and National training brings further excellence to our care.

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