Alaska-White Pass/Yukon Train

Wednesday was another travel day, as we left White Horse and headed down to Skagway by bus.

We boarded the White Pass/Yukon Railroad and took a fantastic train ride.  This hour-and-a-half ride provided some of the most spectacular views we've seen so far in our trip.  This was the route that gold-miners in the late 1800's took to get to what they thought would end up as "pay-dirt."  Viewing the terrain, we appreciated what they had to go through.

Skagway is definitely a tourist destination, and a major dropping-off point for cruise ships.  Four of those ships were in port now.

Our bus driver, Andy Ready, took us on a quick tour of the area.  It's full of gift and jewelry shops.  We'll check them out tomorrow, as we have a full day here before boarding.

On Thursday, we boarded the Norwegian Sun. We're leaving tonight for our cruise down the Inland Pass.  We're tired, but look forward to relaxation while we watch for whales and dolphins.  And of course, there's the eating.  All of us will have to visit GiGi's when we get back.  Tonight, a group of us enjoyed a wonderful meal in the Four Seasons dining room.  It will be a great way to relax and wind down as we wrap up our KPLC/Holiday Vacations tour of Alaska.

Before we left Skagway, some of our travelers spotted a whale here in the harbor.  What a view!  Many in our group were on the top deck at 9 p.m. when we departed.  Richard and Sandy Morgan were there.  I snapped a picture of them shooting video outside the atrium window.  There's internet service here on the ship and we'll continue to provide updates to our family and friends back in the states.

John Bridges