Just Half of LCB Students Have Reassigned Schools by Deadline

July 21, 2007

Reported by Jordan Sandler

Just half of the Lake Charles-Boston students needing to be reassigned to other schools have done so by today's deadline, says the LCB Task Force.

Of the nearly 300 students who needed to reassign schools, only about 150 have done so, says the LCB Task Force.

LCB Task Force coordinator Nick Limberis says the majority of students who've reassigned so far are bound for LaGrange.

"Close to about 70 percent of the kids who have voluntarily reassigned at this point, they're going to go to LaGrange," says Limberis.  "Ten to fifteen percent of the kids are going to go to Washington-Marion, and the other ten percent are going to go to Barbe."

Limberis says those students who have yet to get reassigned can still do so at whichever school they choose up until the first day of classes.  He warns, however, that the later one registers, the longer and more complicated the process will take.

Limberis says students can get reassigned in person at the high school they wish to attend, or at Lake Charles-Boston High School.  The LCB Task Force can be contacted by calling 436-9594.