Cast Your Vote for the Lake Area's Newest Playground

July 11, 2007

Reported by KPLC Staff

If you're young or just young at heart now's your chance to have your say on the lake area's newest park. A second Millennium Park is in the works and before construction begins residents are being asked to choose the new playground's name.

Project advisor Kay Barnett says "The list of potential names takes the design of the playground and develops a theme."

Here are the choices:

Adventure Cove: There's no limit to the fun you'll have when you land at Adventure Cove! Imagine a game of jungle hide-and-seek...a river rafting expedition through mountains and canyons...or a wild African safari. Run from one adventure to another and let your imagination run free in Adventure Cove!

Leaps & Bounds: It's just a hop, skip and a jump to the best place to stay in Southwest Louisiana: Leaps and Bounds! Bounce around the playground with a kangaroo, challenge a grasshopper to a game of hopscotch or play leapfrog with a couple of bullfrogs. Fun is poppin' up everywhere at Leaps and Bounds! 

Power Park: Kids have the power to be anything they want in Power Park. No matter what your game, baseball, soccer,'ll be inspired to play your heart out. Climb, swing, slide, explore and cross the finish line to fun!

Independence Park: Welcome to Independence Park, a playground that sets your independent spirit free. Just imagine-a world with no barriers, where kids of all ages, sizes, backgrounds and abilities come together to play games and share fun and good times.

Freedom Park: Abraham Lincoln said that "Freedom is the last, best hope of Earth." Herbert Hoover said that "Children are our most valuable natural resource." At Freedom Park, children experience the freedom to play without limits to their imagination. Climb Mount Rushmore, swing from the Golden Gate Bridge, slide down the Liberty Bell, jump across the Grand Canyon and enjoy good 'ole American freedom!

If you want to help name the park you need to cast your vote soon. The deadline is July 18th and the new name will be announced July 25th.

Votes can be cast by calling 337-491-9151 or by clicking here.

The playground will be barrier-free and will feature a rubber surface which will make it easily accessible for individuals of all ages and all levels of physical ability.

The new playground will be built by community volunteers. Approximately 3,000 volunteers are needed. If you would like to help build the park click here to register online.