Lucky Day

July 7, 2007

Reported by Jordan Sandler

The wedding industry is calling it the biggest day for weddings in the last century.

It's 7-7-2007, and in the mind of Angela Van Wright, there was no better day to walk the aisle, and no better time, than at 7:00pm.

"We wanted seven o'clock," says Van Wright.  "We could have had it at ten, but if we couldn't get it at seven, we would have changed it."

But nothing changed the minds of many Southwest Louisiana couples, who were determined to tie the knot on the ultimate wedding date of this century.

Stephanie Easton of Lake Charles picked 7-7-07 for a different reason.

"I picked it so he will never ever forget," says Easton, of her new husband Kaylon.

And Stephanie and Kaylon will never forget how their good luck brought the sun out today after a week straight of heavy rain.

"Yesterday was a big scare because it stormed, it was flooding and everything," says Kaylon Easton.  "I think last night after I came from rehearsal, I must have prayed for 45 minutes non-stop."

Call it prayer, call it luck, these couples are calling it love.  And the Easton's hope this 7-7-7 luck will last them...

"A lifetime....until death."