Red, Wet, and Blue

July 4, 2007

Reported By: Natalie Grise

The gloomy weather not only rained on this year's Fourth of July parade, it cancelled it.

"Whenever you plan events, you have to plan for the weather and in Southwest Louisiana, you have to plan for the fact that the weather changes every five minutes," says Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach.

So the celebration moved inside the Civic Center, where red, white and blue adorned everything from T-Shirts and hats, to 10-year-old Kaela Miller's star-spangled earbobbers.

"I'm a really big red, white and blue fan," she explains, "In my bedroom, I have a copy of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and all that stuff."

Like Kaela, Jenni Roy and her cousin showed up early to get good seats for the Lake Charles Community Band's patriotic performance.

"I'm here for the nation's birthday because I love Fourth of July, its very cool, the fireworks are awesome," she says.

"It's just part of the American experience. All across America, you've got communities gathered together enjoying the holiday, and that's what makes it so special," says Mayor Roach.

"Its wonderful. The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday," says Antoinette Drott, who brought her whole family to the concert. Her two-year-old daughter Briana's patriotic dress was part of the costume contest. For the Drott kids, it was what happened outside that they loved the most.

When the fireworks finally started, the city turned out with umbrellas in hand to enjoy the show in both rain and shine.