Pit bull owners in Sulphur protest ordinance

July 3, 2007
Reported by Associated Press

Pit bull owners, breeders and groomers in Sulphur appeared at a special city council meeting to speak out against an ordinance.

The ordinance, presented in a public hearing and tabled until the regular meeting August 13th, would require all pit bulls in the city to be confined in kennels when not accompanied by their owners or on a leash.

Pit bull breeder Lee Withers says any new ordinance should focus on irresponsible owners, not on the dogs.

Marsha Montgomery, local attorney and president of the Humane Society of Southwest Louisiana, says the ordinance is repetitive and unnecessary.

She says the city already has a dangerous-dog ordinance and a vicious-dog ordinance that requires the same kind of kennel.

Montgomery says she fears the ordinance would subject the city to lawsuits.