NAACP Protests LEAP Tests

July 2, 2007

Reported by: KPLC Staff

More than 300 people marched to the State Capitol over the weekend demanding changes to the LEAP test.

The NAACP headed up the effort, from the Governor's Mansion to the State Capital, because they blame the high drop out rate in Louisiana on the standardized test.

The same test that lead to the closing of Lake Charles Boston High School.

The Baton Rouge Chapter president says the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education is implementing a policy that is unfair and only causes more children to drop out of school.

LaMont Cole says, "Standardized tests should be used to address the academic needs of students and then once you find out what the weaknesses are, you should work to address those weaknesses and then build on the strengths not punish children who may have some academic deficiencies."

Meanwhile, the NAACP says this is just the first step in their fight against the Calcasieu School Board's decision to close LC-Boston.