As Rare as it Gets

June 30, 2007

Reported by Jordan Sandler

Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity.  The albino bottle-nosed dolphin spotted in the Calcasieu Ship Canal in Cameron could very well be the only one on the planet.

"They are pretty rare," says Marine Biologist Michael Harbison.  "There's almost no records on the web of albino dolphins being seen."

In fact, only a handful of people have actually spotted it.  The white dolphin buzz started last Sunday afternoon, when Erik Rue snapped photos of it from his charter boat, crossing the Calcasieu Ship Canal.  Since then, very few claim to have seen it with their own eyes.

Marine biologists assume the albino dolphin is just a baby.  It is actually white, but appears to be pink because of the red capillaries beneath its skin.

So will our rare friend stick around Cameron for much longer?

"As long as the water stays salty, and it's pretty salty now, they can stay in shore for quite a while," says Harbison.  "It just depends on the conditions, they may go in and off shore all day long, just depending on conditions.  So it may be seen again and it may not."