Lining up in i-Phone Anticipation

June 29, 2007

Reported by: Britney Glaser

Say goodbye to cell phones as you know them, and hello to the Apple I-phone.  Christopher Meche - from Atlanta, visiting family in Lake Charles - could be found early this morning sitting outside the Derek Drive AT&T...awaiting this evening's release of this hot new gadget.  "A phone is a phone," says Meche, "but this phone is far more advanced than anything that's going to be out for quite some time."

Chase Ardoin of Welsh was the first person to set up camp this morning in anticipation of the i-Phone.  "I got here at 4:00 this morning," says Ardoin, "I've been passing by since midnight to see if there's anybody, and when there was no one at 4:00, I said 'I'm gonna be the first in line,' so I got out and set up my chair - and here I am."

The technology balled inside this sleek and slim device is what brought Ardoin to the store.  "It's a wide screen i-Pod, it's a mobile phone, it's an Internet device."

With the official launch of the i-Phone not kicking off until this evening, these customers waiting in line are looking at a very long day.  "It's gonna be humid. I want the phone, so I'm gonna stay in the line."

Harley Fontenot from Lake Charles had no idea what his day entailed when he agreed to a favor for his boss.  "My boss asked me yesterday what I was doing today," says Fontenot, "and I said 'whatever you want,' so here I am...he said he'd pay me to sit in line and get him a phone, so I'm doing it."

While Fontenot might not be so thrilled about the i-Phone's release, others have been waiting for months for this day to come.  "Whenever they finally announced in January," says Ardoin, "I knew whenever they released it that I was gonna be one of the first to get one - and here we are, six months later."

Now, if you're not really sure if the i-Phone is right for you, there's a simple demonstration on that will walk you through the phone's features before you shell out the $500-600.

If you are hoping to get your hands on an i-Phone tonight, AT&T stores will be open until midnight, but remember - these gadgets are only available for customers under contract with AT&T Wireless.