The Storm that Caught Cameron by Surprise

Reported by Curtis Atkinson

There's never been a storm like Audrey. The storm is the most powerful storm to form in June.

At a category four it packed winds of 150 miles an hour. But that's not what forecasters were predicting just hours before the storm hit.

At 10pm, the night before, forecasters said Audrey was only packing winds of 100 miles an hour, and a surge of 5 to 9 feet that would not impact the coast until late the next day.

That forecast was wrong. The storm had rapidly intensified and picked up speed. The historic killer storm was now plowing, full speed ahead, towards the Cameron coast.

And to make matter worse Audrey had developed a huge eye. That means more eye wall and a greater and deadlier storm surge. It all added up to be a recipe for a tragedy.

Residents who were ready to leave the next day were trapped in the night by the storm surge. Many would not live to see the sunrise.