Potentially Deadly Toxic Waste found near Bell City

June 26, 2007

Reported by Jordan Sandler

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality is looking for who's responsible for illegally dumping 26 cylinders of methyl bromide, a highly toxic gas that's used to control rodents, insects and weeds.

The cylinders were found near Bell City in April, but the DEQ did not disclose the information until today, in the interest of public safety.

Investigators say the area is secure, but they will not be finished removing all the chemicals until this Saturday.

Once they're finished, DEQ says it will concentrate more on finding and arresting who's responsible.

If you have any information as to who dumped the materials or if you come across any suspicious looking cylinders, call DEQ at 225-219-3944 or toll free at 866-896-5337.

The suspects could face 250-thousand dollars in fines, 15 years in prison or both.