How to Donate for Elijah Miller's Flight for Life

June 21, 2007

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At first sight Elijah Miller looks like a happy, healthy 15 month old boy. But a closer look reveals the signs of a serious problem.

Hi mother, Michelle Miller says, "he was born with gastrocesis, its when the liver and bowel are on the outside of the body and the medicine that they have him on for nutritional support has killed off his liver so now he needs a multi organ transplant, liver, small bowel, and pancreas."

Elijah is listed on the national donor registry, but earlier this week he was passed over for a transplant, not because he wasn't compatible, but because his family couldn't afford the trip to Georgetown Medical Center in Washington D.C.

"I can't find a way," says Miller, "I tried calling all the airports and everything and they said they couldn't do it."

He's now back on the top of the list, but the call could come at any time leaving the family with just hours to make the life-saving flight and the race against time and money is taking its toll.

Miller says, "just knowing that my son is sick and at any time he could pass, his liver could just fail."

Now the family is counting on prayer and the compassion of the community to give their little angel a jump on life.

Due to the unique nature of Elijah's illness, the Christus St. Patrick Foundation is pursuing funds to aid the family.

Christus St. Patrick Foundation:

524 S. Ryan St., Lake Charles, LA 70601