Another Step Closer to Lakefront Development

June 20, 2007

Reported By: Natalie Grise

"Seventy-five years of blab, finally some money and some insight, and some direction from the citizens to make things happen," says Adley Cormier, a commissioner for the Downtown Development Authority, the group appointed by Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach to develop the framework to change the face of the lakefront.

"We're really trying to put together a comprehensive plan, we're not seeking private developers. If we do the plan right, we think they'll come on their own," says Rick Richard, Chairman of the group.

"It won't happen overnight," Cormier says, "We don't want it to happen overnight. We want it to be responsible, sustainable. Not just a flash in the pan."

The plan they develop by working with consultants, gathering public input, and looking at studies will go back to the council for approval.

"We have a great love and desire for Lake Charles. To not only build it out, to keep it going from the downtown-lakeside area, but to keep our sons and daughters here, and give them something to look forward to," says Richard.