Kidgits Camp Offers Safety Tips

June 19, 2007
Reported by Rhonda Kitchens

There's nothing like cool giveaways to gain the attention of kids, but the Prien Lake Mall hopes  local children will walk away with something you can't put in a bag.

Spokesperson, Kristy Smith says, "every Tuesday in June we have our Kidgits Camp and today we're doing safety. The Lake Charles Fire Dept. is going to be out here and the YMCA, talking about pool safety.

"This is my nephew," says Haikey Beaver, "and they had just gone to the water park this weekend and that was one of the big discussions before they got there."

Becky Cheramie adds, "mine have learned a lot of stuff at school, and just from parent participation, its been very helpful, these things."

So while lessons are being learned parents can build a bond without breaking the bank.

"I mean it gives him time to interact with other children," says Brandy Foster, "plus they can also learn something that hopefully will help them if we're not right there."

And that, Foster says, is time well spent.

Next week, kids will be treated to a mini chef class by Sowela Culinary School.

For information on joining the Kidgit Club, visit the Mall Services Center.