LaGrange Rolls Out Welcome Mat For LCB

June 18, 2007
Reported By: Lee Peck

With their school now closed, Lake Charles-Boston High School students have a decision to make on where they will go to school. LaGrange High School is rolling out the welcome mat to help them with that decision.

"I'm here tonight to extend an olive branch to help you with this very important transition period," said LaGrange Principal Bobby Jack Thompson.

Helping Thompson welcome prospective students and their families is his staff, as well as the familiar faces of LCB teachers who will now be teaching at LaGrange. The informal meet and greet was an opportunity for parents to ask questions. From advanced course offerings to safety concerns, everyone came with questions, including parent Vida Guillory.

"My concerns were about scholarships and if the kids would be accepted with an open welcome from the LaGrange High School students," said Guillory.

Guillory's son Joshua Allen is an incoming junior. "I love choir and I want to get a scholarship for choir and go to school for music," said Allen.

At LCB, Joshua was also involved in the National Honor Society and student council. If he goes to LaGrange, he and other students will be placed in the same clubs and sports they were involved in at LCB.

"We want them to get active because usually those students that are in the clubs and are in some of the different activities, those are going to be some of your better students. And those are the ones we want to continue to be involved here," said Thompson.

With more than 100 of LCB's 374 students expected to choose LaGrange there were also questions to how the school will support the influx. Principal Thompson says as part of their high school redesign plan, they will use money from their "Lighthouse Grant" to offer new programs, including advanced courses, to their students.

Lake Charles-Boston students have until July 21st to make a decision on which school they will attend.